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Aunti Corrie Fullard and Jeanette James

Traditional shell necklaces


Born and raised on Flinders Island, Aunti Corrie Fullard is a Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder and shell necklace stringer. Taught this traditional cultural practice by her parents, she in turn has passed on her knowledge to her daughter, Jeanette James. Together they gather the shells necessary to create these significant pieces for lengths both traditional and contemporary. The collecting and cleaning of the shells is a process that can take up to 8 months and in the case of the exquisite green mariner shell pieces, may take as long as four years. Originally crafted by the women to be worn by tribe members on special occasions, traded between tribes or offered to early explorers, these necklaces now take pride of place in many public and private collections both nationally and internationally.

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Bett Gallery


‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

Museum quality contemporary Tasmanian art