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Ali McKellar


“I create objects which, though designed to be worn, represent an environmental consciousness. My passion for why I create is to find a new life and transform the banal everyday objects that are perpetually overlooked and discarded by society. My work constantly embraces this continuum of discard by using reclaimed materials often industrial, domestic and combined with precious metals. I push these materials to their limits and can sense, intuitively the points of extremity.

This becomes an exploration of intent, chance and accident as I learn what the materials will permit me to do. The designs that evolve are often light and organic which reflects the origins of the component hydrocarbons. They flit between natural and man made forms and the results are quite whimsical. By reclaiming, experimenting and transforming the discarded waste of our consumer culture and by using non-virgin materials, notably everyday objects I wish to bring awareness and attention to the ideology that everything has potential to be reused and valued.” Ali McKellar, 2015.

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Interior of Handmark Gallery Evandale
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Handmark – Evandale


2 Russell Street, Evandale

Handmark – Evandale has been a Tasmanian institution for the past 28 years.