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David Parums Design

Specialising in custom handmade Damascus steel rings


David Parums draws on his experience both as a knifemaker and jeweller to create unique hand crafted rings from Damascus steel and only the best 18ct golds and gemstones. Through his work he explores the juxtaposition of ancient metalsmithing techniques with the precision of modern metalurgy.

Damascus steel has its origins in the glowing forge of the Japanese swordsmith. These skilled metalsmiths would repeatedly fold and forge raw steel to purify and strengthen each sword, leaving behind a distinctive yet subtle wood grain like pattern in the blade. Modern Damascus steel is created using a similar process, but purposely combines steels of differing chemical makeup to create bolder and more vibrant patterns than those achieved in ancient times.

David’s Damascus steel rings are statement pieces, made to stand out and appeal to those looking for something unique to mark their special occasion.

David offers a collection of striking Damascus steel rings that can be customised through a choice of gold colour, etch and ring profile. He also provides a custom design service, working closely with clients to realise their vision for their own unique Damascus steel ring, accented with precious metals and/or gems.

David’s Damascus is crafted from 300 series jewellery grade stainless steels, known for their fantastic compatibility with skin, durability and anti-corrosion properties.

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David Parums Design’s studio is located in the Derwent Valley and is open by appointment, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Call 0438 281 484 to book an appointment or visit

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