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Emma Bugg

jewellery designer that pairs conventional and unconventional materials.


Most often, the thing that makes a piece of jewellery sentimental to its owner is the story of the piece. By pairing conventional and unconventional materials, such as concrete with silver and gold, perception of value and what we consider to be precious is subverted. Concrete acts as a vessel to embed particles of a physical location (or person) significant to the wearer. Designs are inspired by streetscape textures and architecture.

Emma is currently undertaking a residency with Arts Tasmania’s Connected program at 146 ArtStudios where her work is moving towards integrating new wearable technology jewellery with elegance and integrity of design.

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Past events

Blair Waterfield - Destination
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Behind the Shadows


This event has already occurred.

Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place

a shared exhibition by Blair Waterfield and Emma Bugg
Interior of Handmark Gallery Evandale
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Handmark – Evandale


2 Russell Street, Evandale

Handmark – Evandale has been a Tasmanian institution for the past 28 years.