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Phill Mason


Phill has been goldsmithing in Salamanca Place for over 23 years. During this time he became Tasmania’s founding member of the Gold and Silversmith’s Guild of Australia. He has exhibited extensively overseas, especially in the USA, Germany and Japan and been included in many publications and public collections as well as being the recipient of over 30 awards for jewellery fabrication, design and stone cutting.

Phill and his son Tyrus work together to make the Killiekrankie range of jewellery in Handmark. Phill cuts the stones and Tyrus has designed and fabricated the settings.

The “Killiecrankie diamond” is actually a Tasmanian topaz found at Flinders Island. Most of the diamonds are retrieved from the waters of Killiecrankie Bay where they are dived for with the aid of a sand pump and compressor. Flinders Island is lucky as its topaz is of very high quality. It is an attractive semi-precious, usually colourless stone, but pale blue and pink are occasionally found. The colour is the result of impurities of potassium and manganese. This semi precious stone is the birthstone for the month of November, but also a wonderful Tasmanian gift to yourself or loved one.

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Interior of Handmark Gallery Evandale
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Handmark – Evandale


2 Russell Street, Evandale

Handmark – Evandale has been a Tasmanian institution for the past 28 years.