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Tonya Gilbett

weaving narrative and symbolism into her creations


“I have been making fine jewellery in gold, silver and platinum for around 20 years, and have evolved from a high-end jewellery house in Sydney to my own studio in Hobart, where I have more freedom to design and express myself. I aim to weave a narrative and symbolism into my creations; to infuse greater meaning. By combining the intrinsic beauty of the design and materials with a deeper symbolic representation, I strive to create enduring jewellery of beauty with a deep connection for the wearer to cherish.” Tonya Gilbett, 2015.

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Interior of Handmark Gallery Evandale
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Handmark – Evandale


2 Russell Street, Evandale

Handmark – Evandale has been a Tasmanian institution for the past 28 years.