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Clifford How


_Foam Lines-Cataract Gorge_137cm 137cm Oil and Wax on Linen-2926

“I am drawn, as an artist, repeatedly back to the evocative and sublime nature of Tasmania’s wild landscapes. I find this endemic landscape at its most inspiring when it is being engulfed and dominated by the elements. One subject that continues to be a constant in my work is the Central Plateau Its harsh glacial terrain littered with lakes, tarns and streams continue to be a source of material for me. My reason for returning to this subject is to discover the underlying nature and personality of this scoured, but beautiful elevated country. Capturing the sometimes harsh weather systems’ and its effects on the terrain is what drives me as an artist. Despite being a representational painter, it’s this emotional, invisible quality that evokes thought and contemplation in the viewer that I strive to capture. If my work transports the viewer to these remote locations and installs a sense of awe, I feel I have succeeded as an artist.”

Clifford How, 2016

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Summer Exhibition


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2 Russell Street, Evandale

A group exhibition of new works by Handmark artists
Interior of Handmark Gallery Evandale
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Handmark – Evandale


2 Russell Street, Evandale

Handmark – Evandale has been a Tasmanian institution for the past 28 years.