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Dallas Richardson

Dallas Richardson’s prints capture Tasmania’s unique Tamar Valley and its surrounds.


Dallas Richardson’s works are a reflection of the environment and in them she captures its essence in intricate linocuts and drypoints. The fineness of her detail brings into focus a more intimate view that may otherwise be missed as demonstrated in a series of five linocuts of the ‘Tamar Valley from Legana Beach’. In these prints Richardson creates a panorama of the valley from Grindelwald to Rostella Homestead Dilston. Each print is a unique view in itself but when placed side by side with the other four the overall image shows the sweeping curve and breadth of the valley.

The series of drypoints of ‘Tea Trees in the Tamar Valley’ express a more intimate view. Other prints are quiet and mediative in their essence as if she has taken a lens to the landscape and focused on the detail.

Dallas Richardson has been practising printmaking over a number of years and has had prints included in the Blake Prize for Religious Art, the Henry Worland Memorial Print Prize and has work in the collection of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.



1981                 Diploma of Fine Art,                 

                         Alexander Mackie College, Sydney


1969-1970       R.M.I.T Diploma of Fine art

                        Although incomplete, benefited from the tuition of the following artists;

                        Udo Selbach, Andrew Sibley, George Baldessin and Peter Clarke.

1977-1979       University of Miami, Florida, U.S.A

                        Printmaking, painting and Art History


1979                 University of Miami, U.S.A

1991-92            Gallery Two, Launceston 6 group exhibitions

1993                 Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

                         Freeman Gallery, Hobart

1994                 Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

                        Launceston Hospital fund raising art auction

1995                 Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston,’ Tasmanian Print Guild Exhibition’

1996                 Nisart Gallery, Launceston, ‘Quantum Images’ – nine leading Tasmanian Printmakers

                         Inspration Gallery, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, ‘Topographies’, an exhibition of Printmakers

                         Snakepit Gallery, Launceston, ‘Prints on View,’ eight Launceston Artists Co-operative Printmakers

1997                 Nisart Gallery, Launceston, ‘Catalyst and Catastrophy’

1998                 Nisart Gallery, Launceston, ‘Flourishing Ecology – from stone to digital’

                         Long Gallery, Hobart, ‘A Survey of Tasmanian Printmakers’

                         Long Gallery, Hobart, ‘Images’

                        Gallery Two. Launceston, ‘Nudes’ an interpretation of the human figure     

1999                 Launceston Festivale, ‘Art in the Park’

                         Nisart Gallery, ‘Tones and Textures’

                          Nisart Gallery, Launceston, ‘N/S Art, Printmakers from North and South Tasmania’

1998-2014         The Design Centre, Launceston Tasmania

2001-2007           Delamere Vineyard Gallery, Pipers Brook, Tasmania

2004-2005         Gallery 242, Launceston

2004-2006         The Strahan Woodworks Gallery

2007                  Academy Gallery, ‘Carbon Trading’

2003-2009         Academy Gallery, Academy of the Arts, Launceston

2010                  WTAG (West Tamar Arts Group) ‘Art-intwine’ Linocuts at Elmslie Vineyard

2011                  WTAG – Group exhibitions at Moores Hill Vineyard

2012                  Academy Gallery, ‘Shelly Beach – a poem by Margret Scott’  Academy of the Arts Launceston

2013                  Artrium Art Space, Launceston General Hospital, ‘ Colonial Tench to Launceston General Hospital’

2014                  Academy Gallery ‘Launceston my City’

2014                  Oneira Farnhouse Gallery ‘A Winter Conversation’



1981                 Michael Cotts Art Award,

                         Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, New South Wales

1981                 University of New South Wales Art Prize

1989                 Henry Worland Memorial Print Award,

                         Warrnambool, Victoria

1993                 Trust Bank Award, Launceston

Eskleigh Art Award, Launceston

2003                 ‘The Blake Prize for Religious Art’

Sir Herman Black Gallery and Sculpture Terrace, University of Sydney

2014                  Material Girl, ‘Tall Poppies: Late Bloomers’.



1992                 Gallery Two, Launceston, ‘Horizons of the Mind’

1995                 Snakepit Gallery, Launceston ‘Recent Figure Drawings’

University Gallery, Newnham Campus, University of Tasmania,’Solid Ground’ Rock Series etchings

1996                  Snakepit Gallery, Launceston

                         ‘Skin Deep’ Recent Figure Drawings

1997                  Nisart Gallery, Launceston ‘Squaring the Circle’  Recent Etchings

2012-14             Design Tasmania Centre, ‘Imprimo’ Linocuts


1982-2007         Delamere Vineyard, Pipers Brook,             Co-manager and Co-Director

1990-1994         Institute of TAFE

                           Art Craft Design North                               Teacher of Printmaking

1995                  University of Tasmania, Visual Arts            Drawing Studio lecturer       

1998-2008         Institute of TAFE                                         Teacher of Printmaking

 Art Craft Design North 

2009-2013         Tasmanian Polytechnic Creative Arts       Teacher of Printmaking

2013to present  TasTafe, Creative Arts Inveresk                Teacher of Printmaking


REPRESENTED Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery  ‘Rock Series #19’



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