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Diana Watson

Acknowledged as one of Australia’s foremost exponents of the still-life genre


Acknowledged as one of Australia’s foremost exponents of the still-life genre, Diana Watson constructs contemplative spaces, moments of stillness, grounded in a phenomenal world.  Sumptuous visual essays, Watson’s work seems governed by the eye, however, what one sees, may not be the whole picture.  The works beguile with their luscious subjects and finely modeled forms.  The clarity and precision of Watson’s realism is readily accessible but the atmosphere is ambiguous.  One has a sense of entering symbolic spaces conjured from another time, another place.  Woven with metaphor and mythic motif, the world Watson depicts extends well beyond the realism of every day.  Softly illuminated, the lavish displays look both palpably real and dream like.

The lyrical breadth of her imagery engenders a visual pleasure that nourishes the intellect.

Watson’s work is held in numerous collections throughout Australia as well as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Taiwan and Dubai.

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