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Felicity Edwards


In the past Felicity’s work has primarily been the nude figure. Her love of moulding the shapes of the body with the tactile medium of pastel enables her to create the subtle silkiness of the skin and softness of the form. By blending the medium with her hands and minimal use of brushwork she is able to truly feel the subject.
In her most recent works she has introduced her cats into the composition. Somehow or other they have now become Felicity’s main subject matter. A cat is a great companion in the studio and of course many artists and writers have used the cat as their muse. In the artist’s studio there is bound to be a sunny spot for them to curl up in. This makes for a very convenient model. Anyone who has lived with cats will recognise their penchant for finding the most warm and comfortable place to sleep. Felicity’s latest series of whimsical feline drawings are inevitably inspired by her studio environment and companions- whether curled up in front of the fire, a posed position on a favourite chair, or just snuggled up next to another warm body- be it human, feline, canine or even equine.

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pastel drawing
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Shop 16, Salamanca Arts Centre

an exhibition of quirky cats in pastel by Felicity Edwards