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Giles Hugo

Giles Hugo is an extraordinary photographer


Giles Hugo is a Tasmanian photographer with a background in newspaper photo journalism. As such he is interested in photographing a broad variety of subject matter, from concerts and street photography, to sunsets and found objects. His passion however, is the tiny world of nature macro photography where a rarely seen world exists in the detail . Most known for his images of dandelions spangled by dew drops, Giles uses a collection of vintage lenses to capture the almost unseen. Each work is accompanied by a poetic statement that explains his process, his lenses and his musical repertoire when working on the image.

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Past events

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Nectar Summer Exhibition


This event has already occurred.

Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place

A group Summer Show celebrating the warm, golden, sensuous nature of Summer in Tasmania
Nolan Gallery 1
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Nolan Gallery and School of Art


Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place

An art gallery with a difference, showcasing contemporary Tasmanian art alongside boutique art tuition.

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