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Luke Wagner

Visual Artist


“My paintings are never representational of one place. They are painted from memory in my studio and often are amalgamations of several places. Often people say to me “I was driving through the country side the other day and I saw one of your scenes”. This is very flattering to me and I feel a great sense of achievement as I know it was not one of my scenes but the viewer has been reminded of my paintings by the landscape.

I began painting in my early thirties after experiencing a deep yearning to achieve something worthwhile and lasting in my lifetime. Whilst I have always been very content and satisfied with my career in fine art framing, I could not deny the strong feeling of wanting to move into filling the space within the frame.

I am a self taught painter and initially went to a bookshop and purchased a book on how to paint in oils! I work intuitively and know that a certain mood and emotion has to be in a successful painting. It is not possible to quantify or gauge this quality, it simply has to be there. Whilst my paintings are sometimes naive in style and simplified in composition, I know that they must have an emotional quotient and honesty in order to be successful.

My subject matter has ranged as I have meandered along my journey as an artist. Ten years ago I commenced my landscape and tree series. This work has been well appreciated and I have been fortunate to have many successful exhibitions. It is comforting, as an artist, to receive the accolade that people not only like and understand your work, but also buy it.

I lead a full and demanding work, social and family life. In order to keep my painting going and to meet deadlines for exhibitions I dedicate at least one full day each week to spend time working in my studio.

I live in the foothills of Mount Wellington and have the luxury of a purpose built studio that is spacious and warm. As an exhibition looms I spend more and more time locked away in my haven, and I am fortunate to have a very supportive and understanding wife.

Oil painting is a difficult craft in that the artist needs to plan well ahead and allow for drying time in the various stages of production of the artwork. I find that my paintings are always slowly built up with many layers of paint, each needing several weeks to dry.

Many oil colours are transparent or semi opaque so the colour that is put underneath is critical. This process dictates that the artist must have a clear idea of where they are going with the painting. I find that sorting out the drawing and composition is the most critical part or the work and generally needs to be resolved in the early stages.” Luke Wagner, 2015.


2015  wonderland, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2014 Visage Colville, Gallery, Hobart
2013 I wait by the sea, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2012 My Ground, Colville Gallery, Hobart. Frontier Soho Gallery, Sydney
2011 Nightset, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2010 This Waking Life, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2009 Surface Cube Gallery, Hobart. Incarnation, Salamanca Collection, Hobart
2008 Between the Lines, Salamanca Collection, Hobart. Home Before Dark, Libby Edwards Gallery, Sydney
2007 Time and Again, Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne. Segue, Salamanca Collection, Hobart.
2006 From the Inside Out, Libby Edwards Gallery Sydney. Telling Stories, Salamanca Collection, Hobart.
2005 Somewhere to be, Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne. A Sense of Place, Crown Casino, Melbourne. Some of the Time, Libby Edwards Gallery, Brisbane. Time and Truth, Salamanca Collection, Hobart.
2004 Second Sight, Brian Moore Gallery Sydney. Looking for Patterns, Salamanca Collection, Hobart.
2003 Essence, Salamanca Collection, Hobart
2002 Recent Paintings, Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney. Harvest, Salamanca Collection, Hobart.
2001 Earthly Intrigue, Salamanca Collection, Hobart
2000 Indelible, Salamanca Collection, Hobart
1999 Still, Salamanca Collection, Hobart
1997 Shadow and Identity, Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart
1996 Emblem, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Emblem, Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart
1995 Thinking Outside the Square, Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart
1994 A Richness of Purpose, Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart

2015 Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2012 Mosman Art Prize, Sydney Finalist
2011 Tattersall’s Art Award, Brisbane Finalist
2010 Tattersall’s Art Award, Brisbane Finalist
2007 Tattersall’s Art Award Brisbane Finalist, Glover Prize Finalist
2006 Art at the Australian Ballet School, Melbourne, Tattersall’s Art Award, Brisbane Finalist
2005 Tattersall’s Art Award, Brisbane Finalist
2001 Island Postcards State Library of Tasmania
2000 Jill Richards Gallery, Randwick, New South Wales
1999 Bathurst Cup Exhibition Royal Tennis Club, Hobart
1998 The Christmas Show Despard Gallery Hobart
1997 Pride and Prejudice Despard Gallery, Hobart, The Hutchins Art Prize Hobart
1996 Statement of the Times Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart
1995 The Alternate Show Sidewalk Gallery, Hobart

2015 Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2012 Mosman Art Prize, Sydney Finalist
2000 High Commendation, Central Highlands Art Award
1999 Central Highlands Art Award, Judge Stephen Walker
1996 Circular Head Art Award, Winner, First Prize

Central Highlands Council
Devonport Regional Art Gallery
Health Insurance Commission of Australia
Hobart Royal Tennis Club
Hutchins School Foundation Art Collection
Royal Sydney Golf Club
State Government of Tasmania
State Library of Tasmania
Tasmania Club, Hobart

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Luke Wagner – Wonderland


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91a Salamanca Place, Battery Point

lyrical scenes delighting in their poise, stillness and peaceful silence
Garden Path, a painting by Zsuzsa Kollo, 2010
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Colville Gallery


91a Salamanca Place, Battery Point

Specialising in modern and contemporary Tasmanian and Australian artists.