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Michaye Boulter

painting the Tasmanian coastline.


‘I paint aspects of nature that I know and love, the Tasmanian coastline, the unpredictable shifts of weather and the vastness of the ocean that surrounds us. For me the sea’s endlessness and emptiness is about possibility and potential. My paintings are about a feeling of being in the place as well as being outside of it, as though, while not physically there, my heart and soul still is. It’s this tension of belonging or not belonging, of the real and the imagined, of memory and of removal in time that my work most deeply explores.’

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Past events

Studio Stories in the Studio Gallery
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studio stories


This event has already occurred.

77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point

Showcasing the works of SAC Studio Artists
disappearing voices: langtang by Sue Pickering
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Landscape Exhibition

Art + design markets

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2 Russell Street, Evandale

Featuring new works by Handmark Gallery artists
oil on board
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Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place

New works by Michaye Boulter and Sally Brown
Gallery install shot
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Bett Gallery


‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

Museum quality contemporary Tasmanian art