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Mish Meijers


Mish Meijers is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice experiments in surface tensions: how one material conforms or abrades against the matter of another. Exploring themes such as popular culture, gender determination and functionality, in an alchemic and at times discordant sensibility, Meijers uses installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, digital media, performance, and ceramics to translate and communicate her current concerns and interests. Meijers divides her time between a distinct solo and an ongoing collaborative practice. The Collector Project now in its thirteenth year is collaboration with artist Tricky Walsh and is based on a fictional character Henri Papin. Meijers has been a finalist in a number of art prizes as well as having been the recipient of numerous artist grants and residencies. Meijers works can be found in both public and private collection.


Please see website for a copy of Mish’s C.V

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