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Nicholas Blowers

Painter who looks at the particular nature of growth, decay and death found in the Tasmanian landscape.


Nicholas Blowers describes himself as a realist painter. Broadly speaking his work is closer in sensibility to a grittier northern European painting that has its roots in artists like Van Eyck, Durer and Ruisdael. Often the landscapes he is drawn to are in a state of collapse, damaged or vulnerable, and suggest a feeling of impermanence.  The cycles of growth, decay and death found in the Tasmanian landscape finds parallel in the artist’s own use of allegory; the human folly of the Savage River tailing ponds, the quite contemplation of loss and transformation reflected in the tree ruins of Lake Gordon and the sense of renewal and regeneration found in the bush interior.

He says of his painting that he is a ‘particularizer’ and explains this as a “wish to describe with particular attention what makes one thing different from another, what the writer Robert Macfarlane calls ‘Precision of Utterance both as a form of lyricism and a species of attention.’  Often there is a busy chaotic feel to his work, a world of debris and clutter that one often finds in the Australian landscape. Blowers Says “each thing: branch, twig, clod of mud has its own presence and is distinct, relying upon a sense of contingency with its fellow ‘things.’  I delight in the materialism of the natural subject and intend it to represent utterly nothing other than itself. However my whole being exists in relation to landscape, I think in terms of place, my memories are shaped within it and it has always offered ways of describing myself to myself.”



1972 Born in the U.K, lives and works in Tasmania


1991- 1994 Southampton Institute, Hampshire, UK, BA Honours, Fine Art
1989 – 1991 Braintree College, Essex, UK, BTEC Art & Design

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Deadwood Shallows, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney
2015 Savage River, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney
2013 Edgeland, Bett Gallery, Hobart
2012 Recent Paintings, Bett Gallery, Hobart
Ephemera, Mick Gallery, Sydney
2009 Rivulet, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
Regrowth, Bett Gallery, Hobart
2008 Narcissus, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney,
2007 Recent works, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Recent Works, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney
Recent Works, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Coastline Figures, FX Art & Framing, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Under Kunanyi, Bett Gallery, Hobart
2011 Preview Exhibition & Honours Award Exhibition
Group show, Mick Gallery, Sydney
2008 Group show, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
2007 Art Melbourne 07, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
Land, Sea and Sky, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney
Land, Sea and Sky, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Art Melbourne 06, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
Black & White, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney
2005 Gallery Artists, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney
Off the Wall, Art Sydney 05

Awards and grants

2013 Hutchins Art Prize, Tasmania
2013 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, South Australia
2012 Glover Art Prize, Tasmania
2011 Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmania
2011 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, Adelaide Museum, SA
2011 Glover Art Prize, Tasmania
2010 Kedumba Drawing Award,NSW
2010 Glover Art Prize, Tasmania
2009 Paddington Art Prize (winner), NSW
2009 Glover Art Prize, Tasmania
2008 Fleurieu Art Prize, SA
2008 Glover Art Prize, Tasmania
2007 Paddington Art Prize (winner), NSW
2007 Kings School Art Prize (winner), NSW
2007 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, Adelaide Museum (short-listed, Highly commended), SA
2006 Doug Moran Portrait Prize, Mitchell Library (short-listed), NSW
2005 Archibald prize Salon de Refuses Finalist, S.H.Ervin Gallery, NSW
2005 54th Blake Prize, Sir Hermann Black Gallery (short-listed),NSW
2005 Art on the Rocks, NSW


Parliament House collection
Macquarie Bank collection

Selected bibliography

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Studio International, June 2008
“Rising Stars”, Belle Magazine, April/May 2007
Blackhouse, M, The Saturday Age, 24 March 200
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Under Kunanyi


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‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

Tasmanian and Australian Landscape
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Bett Gallery


‪Level 1 /65 Murray Street‬, Hobart

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