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Anne Collins


Anne Collins

Anne Collins began writing the poems featured in The Language of Water in 2009 when she was the Australian Poetry Centre’s Cafe Poet-in-Residence at Chadõ Teahouse in Hobart. During this period she collaborated with the painter Marianne Stafford who did six paintings in response to these poems, which appear in Anne’s book.

Anne Collins writes poetry and prose. Her previous books are: My Friends This Landscape, (Ginninderra Press, 2011), non-fiction and poetry; Seasoned with Honey (Walleah Press, 2008) a four-poet anthology; and The Season of Chance (Walleah Press, 2005), poetry. Her other work can be found in numerous journals and anthologies. Anne Collins has been the recipient of several awards, grants and residencies and has collaborated with musicians and visual artists. She lives in Hobart.

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