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Anne Morgan

Writer of children's literature and prizewinning poetry


Image of writer Anne Morgan
Anne Morgan’s children’s books include The Sky Dreamer, which has been translated into French as Le bateau de rêves, and the Captain Clawbeak junior novels.

She has a PhD in Writing and a Master of Education degree, and is also a prizewinning poet. These days she lives and writes on Bruny Island, Tasmania, where she has an adventure a day at Adventure Bay.

Review of The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land & other ecotales:
“A prince wants to marry the girl with the smallest carbon footprint in the land, and he has her diamond slipper to ensure he finds the right girl; Chicken Licken warns everyone that the sea is rising while Foxy Loxy tries to trick them; Cool Girl learns how to grow organic vegetables from the Sensational Seven…this is a collection of some traditional fairy tales each with a very modern twist designed to spread the sustainability, eco-friendly message.

This is an engaging way to introduce students to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority as embedded in the stories are new vocabulary and explanations for terms that even young students are encountering. They can build on their familiarity with Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood and so on and enjoy a 21st century story that will make them think.

Teachers will appreciate having a resource that helps them introduce complex concepts in a way that is enjoyable, makes sense and sets a great platform for discussion, as well as comparing the new with the old. Not only does the collection make a good read-aloud inspiring discussion, but with short stories and intriguing monochrome illustrations it is a great stepping stone between picture book and novel for the newly-independent reader to read alone.

An unusual but worthwhile book to add to your collection.”
Barbara Braxton, OZTL (Australian Teacher Librarians Network)

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