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James Dryburgh


James DryburghAfter emigrating from Scotland to Tasmania at age six, James Dryburgh lived in Devonport until moving to Hobart for University.

For around five years he was co-editor of Tasmanian Times. In 2010, when travelling for over a year in Latin America, he finally had time to write. This was a special year of, life and death, joy and suffering and unexpected experiences; from working in Bolivian mines to running a run-down hostel on the Ecuadoran coast. But perhaps the most rewarding time was in El Salvador, where he and his wife raised funds for several community projects they established in an impoverished rural part of the country. Since then his articles and essays have been published in Island Magazine, Smith Journal, New Internationalist, Arena, Tasmania 40 South, Wild Magazine and Famous Reporter, amongst others.

In July 2014, he launched his first book, ‘Essays from Near and Far’ (Walleah Press).

He lives in Hobart with his wife Anna and son Santiago.

“Essays on the fullness of life from a writer who faces its wonder and pain with open eyes, a listening heart and a skilful pen. James Dryburgh’s raw honesty, keen mind and earthy compassion mean that his every journey, whether it be near or far, becomes a gift to us all.” James Boyce, author of Van Diemen’s Land.

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Hobart Bookshop


22 Salamanca Square, Hobart

a proud independent bookshop with an emphasis on Tasmaniana, poetry and literature.
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The Book Cellar


132 High Street, Campbell Town

A treasure trove of new and old books in the cellars under the Fox Hunter's Return