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Jane Williams


Image of writer Jane Williams
Jane Williams is the author of four previous books of poetry and a collection of stories.

Awards for her poetry include the Anne Elder Award, the D.J. O’Hearn Memorial Fellowship and the Bruce Dawe Prize.

She lives in Tasmania with her partner Ralph Wessman.

“…There is also, however, a welcome degree of humour in Williams’s work, and an unapologetic celebration of life, most notably in ‘Ag Borradh’, dedicated to a man “back from the coma / which held (him) like worry // back from the fog … / … back to bud and to blossom … / … called back to the world / and its quivering song / praise the light we grow into / the dark we grow from”. This balancing of light and dark is a mark of Williams’s maturity as a technically versatile and forceful poet.”
Geoff Page, The Australian

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