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John Biggs

Writer, academic, traveller


John Biggs was born and educated in Hobart, Tasmania. He spent his professional life as an educational psychologist and teacher educator in several countries, with particular interest in adult development over the life span. John’s novels include From Ashes to Ashes, Tin Dragons, Disguises, Projects Integrens and The Girl in the Golden House. John has also written a collection of short stories, Towards Forgiveness: Sino-Tasmanian Stories of Two Islands and a socio-political history of Tasmania, Tasmanian Over Five Generations: Return to Van Diemen’s Land?.

Review of From Ashes to Ashes:
“Compared with his previous work, this comes as something as a surprise, as Tasmanian author John Biggs’ motivations and sentiments have seldom immersed themselves so deeply into human frailties, emotions and sexuality.

The same eloquence, mastery over discourse and structural logic are present.

The main character, peter Morrison, has a seriously conflicted personality. Reared in a devout family, he wants to believe in God but puts his belief to the test with disastrous results.

The compelling underlying story, however, is about sublimated love and Peter’s weakness or inability to respond to, or make a commitment to, the only woman that has captured his sexual imagination.

Don’t categorise this book. It speaks to a wide audience. Most life journeys are littered with unfulfilled expectations, ambitions and unrequited loves.

There is no doubt, however, that teachers will more readily recognise similar characters and identify the issues that perennially plague their demanding profession.
This makes provocative and engaging reading.”
Warren Brewer, Sunday Tasmanian

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Fullers Bookshop


131 Collins Street, Hobart

Established in 1923, it is one of Hobart's leading independent booksellers.
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Hobart Bookshop


22 Salamanca Square, Hobart

a proud independent bookshop with an emphasis on Tasmaniana, poetry and literature.
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The Book Cellar


132 High Street, Campbell Town

A treasure trove of new and old books in the cellars under the Fox Hunter's Return