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Dark Park – inner city industrial site transformed into playful public art installation best experienced in the dark


Dark Park is Dark Mofo’s industrial public art playground at Macquarie Point on Hobart’s docks with lasers, art and fire. It is operating on Friday 9 June – Sunday 11 June and Thursday 15 June  – Sunday 18 June, 5–10 pm.

The site has a number of unused warehouses that have been transformed into temporary art installations that can be explored through the evening or head to the shed for Mona-inspired bars and food.

The artists featured this year include  Matt Daniels, Jonathon Oxlade, Sam Routledge, Tom O’Hern, Chris Levine, Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack), Sacred Acoustics, Marco Perry, Marco Fusinato, Striborg, Daniel Boyd and Alredo Jaar.

Artworks include:

  • INFINITE CORPSE – Terrapin Puppet Theatre.
    Infinite Corpse is based on the surrealist drawing game “Exquisite Corpse”. In our version, participants are invited to collectively create an ever-changing monster displayed on a gigantic tower of LCD Screens.
    Participants enter a tent to draw part of a character, for example a viking’s head or a mermaid’s tail, on an iPad. As the character is drawn, we see it appear in real time on the appropriate LCD screen in the tower, so the legs of the character to the bottom screen, the torso to the middle and the head at the top. When the drawings are complete, the participants step out of their tent and see their collective creation projected high above them. It is then eaten by maggots, the screens cleaned ready for the next monster to be drawn.
    Created by Matt Daniels, Jonathon Oxlade and Sam Routledge, Tent and costume art by Tom O’Hern
  • IY__PROJECT 136.1HZ – Chris Levine + Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack) + Sacred Acoustics + Marco Perry
    Technicolour lasers and immersive sound transform the night sky, organised by the rules of sacred geometry. Plus, forty laser beams forge a floating structure of light in a dark warehouse, resonating at OM 136.1 Hz—a core frequency that vibrates within human and celestial bodies.
  • EXTENDED BREAKDOWN – Marco Fusinato + Striborg
    Thunderous guitar improvisation and crashing percussion from noise-guitarist Marco Fusinato, with special guest and world-renowned black metal artist, Striborg.
  • HELLO DARKNESS – Daniel Boyd
    Something is under the carpet, Tread lightly because it vibrates to the marrow.— Daniel Boyd
    A body of multimedia work that smashes the racist lens of Australian history.
  • THE SOUND OF SILENCE – Alfredo Jaar
    Australian exclusive
    He sat under a tree and lit a cigarette, Talked to God, and cried. Kevin, Kevin…
    Cross the threshold. Curated by Jarrod Rawlins
    Give voice to your deepest fears and feed them to this year’s ogoh-ogoh, a demon-like sculpture common to Balinese Hinduism.