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The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers 1800 – 1804


The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers displays art works made during the French expedition to the southern continent from 1800 – 1804. Funded by emperor Napoleon and inspired by the European Enlightenments quest for knowledge and understanding through science, this impressively displayed and wide ranging show spans across TMAG’S three main Argyle exhibition galleries.


Shells of Western and North Western Australia by Charles – Alexandre Lesueur

The exhibition contains over 200 artworks and objects, most of which are detailed and intricate drawings by the artists Baudin had accompany him on his two ships Géographe and Naturaliste. They meticulously depict the Tasmanian coastline and the many animals, shells and plants that the French explorers, mostly scientists, were encountering for the first time. Gallery three exclusively displays drawings of people from the indigenous population made with pencil, gouache and watercolour.

The exhibition is on display until the 9th of July and is highly recommended as a unique, interesting and educational experience.

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