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Last Tuesday at GASP! Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park!


Written by Stuart Roberts

Last Tuesday was a stunner of a day out at the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park (GASP!).

Sun shining, friendly people, friendly pups and cormorants, oystercatchers and herons splashing about the shoreline.

The park, developed to fill the need for ‘art and play’ in the Elwick Bay area, features a 3km stretch of walkways. There is rainbow-slated boardwalk paths, barbecues and pavilions with the walk finishing at spectacular rose coloured windows that hang over Wilkinson’s Point. The pavilion at Wilkinson’s Point connects beautifully with the river and its surrounds by capturing and recolouring light, its contrasting textures and the subtle protection from the elements, making the space shine even on a wet, wild and windy day.

GASP is located on the river foreshore at Montrose, it is 10 minutes north of Hobart by car, 20 minutes by ferry and 40 minutes by bike.

Here’s some happy snaps I took on my little adventure.

Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

Little John. The beginning of the individually painted timber slat board walk.

Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

The Grove barbecue and shelter area, decorated with photos of the esplanade area in the late 1950’s.

Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

The last of the three board walks leading to Wilkinson’s Point.

Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

The coloured windows at Wilkinson’s Point add an interesting dimension to the impressive view.

Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

The stunning pavilion overhanging the Derwent River.

Wilkinson's Point - Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park

Wilkinson’s Point from a far on the way back home.

Article first published: 11 December 2015