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Must see Hobart Bands

former drummer of Trainpark and Lifecoach, gives his perspective on the Tassie music scene.


*Stuart is the former drummer of short lived Hobart bands Trainpark and Lifecoach, we asked him to give us his perspective on the Tassie arts and music scene.

Treehouse photo: Kate Binning

Treehouse. Photo: Kate Binning

I first saw Treehouse at a house show in Mount Stuart in 2011. At age 17 it was my first proper introduction to Tasmanian alternative music, outside of your typical battle of the bands type scenario. At the time they called themselves Tree and had everyone singing their fast, messy pop songs from their split CD with defunct Hobart band BEARS. They were great. They are great.  I’ve seen them countless times since and watched their sound evolve in a completely organic way. Each new release is a fresh and progressive transition from previous work, not a trend-based genre hop. What you’ll see at a live show is sometimes a gamble, but is guaranteed to be a spectacle. Front man Callum Cusick is off the wall wild in the most brilliant way, with the ever-solid Will Mann keeping everything together on drums. They’re the type of band that makes you mad they’re not world famous. If you’re going to see one Hobart band, see this band.

Mess O'Reds

Mess O’Reds. Photo: Kate Binning

Mess ‘O Reds are another young band who have been doing their thing in the Hobart independent music scene for a long time. Their shouty post-punk sounds pull a loyal crowd who are always rewarded with a powerful performance that draws comparisons to bands like Shellac and The Jesus Lizard. I can comfortably say Mess ‘O Reds are the most emotionally engaging band Hobart has to offer. They aren’t afraid to take themselves seriously and don’t hide behind a shield of satire and cynicism. Their songs are real, and relatable. The type of songs you want to know everything about but feel it may be too personal to ask. They brought it all together in 2013 for the release of their debut self-titled album, give it a listen, the track ‘Sorry’ is a real winner.


Naked. Photo: Peter Charles Macpherson


Naked has been Keiran Sullivan’s primary musical project since 2010 when he began singing over rough melodies created from sound snippets of out of tune instruments and hitting saucepans. Although the sounds of Naked have polished up with the help of established Hobart Musicians Robert Fisher and Jordy Marson, Naked’s sound remains very lo-fi and honest, straying away from common genres and instrumentation. Known for his bad jokes, bad tattoos, nudity and number of broken drumsticks Keiran really puts everything out there on stage. Having Released four albums, three ep’s, a split seven inch with Newcastle’s Lenin Lennon and a collection of Magnetic Fields covers, together with their place as the go-to support for touring bands at the Brisbane Hotel, Naked has carved a path for themselves in Hobart that won’t soon be forgotten. Self Centred may be their best song, it’s on their split with Lenin Lennon, be sure to check that one out.

All the weathers

All the weathers. Photo: Miley Ingall

All the Weathers is Hobart’s latest and greatest experimental pop offering. This former four piece, now trio are a bunch of absolute performers.  There’s just something about them that will have you smiling from ear to ear whenever you see them.  They all sing, they all switch instruments and they all look completely bizarre and unique. Though it’s hard to say with all their switching responsibilities, Georgia Lucy is the closest thing the band has to a lead presence. A very special, hyper-active presence that makes the band unmistakable and un-missable. Oh and their songs are really great too. Their debut LP, 6 for Gold, was just recently released on Hobart label Wrong Place Records, with the track ‘ABC’ being one of many highlights. Lucky for you, All the Weathers are also one of the most active bands in the Hobart, so go see them for yourself!

Article published: 8 September 2015