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The Unconformity

A contemporary arts festival that explores the paradoxes of Tasmania’s wild and mountainous West Coast.


Take one Tasmanian mining town, nestled into a rugged landscape shaped by volcanoes, geysers, earthquakes and meteorite strikes.

Then add immersive, experimental and inspirational art, in many different forms.

The result? The Unconformity – an award-winning contemporary arts festival that explores the paradoxes of Queenstown, on the state’s west coast.

Held every two years, The Unconformity festival celebrates the non-conforming nature of its local community.

Its impact, however, stretches much further than the biennial event alone.

Supported by Arts Tasmania, the Unconformity invests in regional projects within the tourism, arts, cultural development and education sectors in an effort to embed activities in and around Queenstown throughout the year.

This year an artist residency program was launched – bringing composers, filmmakers, playwrights and more from around the country to the mining town.

Organisers also opened an artist commission and a seed funding program for local artists from western Tasmania.

The 2018 festival runs for three days, with thousands of visitors expected to take part in the unique experience.

The program includes a true mix of of installations and events, combining visual arts, music, performance, dance and cultural celebrations.

There’s also workshops for young people, a festival hub for foodies and a football game played on a heritage listed gravel oval – dubbed “the West against the Rest” by organisers.

The 2018 festival kicks off on Friday, 19 October and finishes up on Sunday, 21 October.