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Arts in Parks is a project that celebrates the 20 year partnership between Arts Tasmania and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. This partnership offers artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the most stunning wilderness locations in Tasmania’s national parks through the Dombrovskis Parks and Wildlife Wilderness Residency program.

Arts in Parks is a series of exhibitions in four of Tasmania’s iconic wilderness locations, featuring artworks that have been inspired by artists’ residencies over the past 20 years. The diversity of the artwork demonstrates the significance of the wilderness environment as a place of creative inspiration and provide an artist’s interpretation of Tasmania’s national parks.

At each of the sites the artists featured have a connection to that location. Whether it is a lighthouse or a lake, bush or beach, all of the works speak strongly to each setting, illustrating the fundamental links between art and place and creativity, culture and environmental immersion. All 16 artists showcased in the exhibitions speak of the dynamic shift a wilderness residency experience provided to their artistic practice. A chance to pause, absorb, explore, let go, reflect, invent and create.

Peter Grant, former Manager of Interpretation and Education with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service noted that

“…most national park services are strongly scientific in orientation… we need to be aware of not only the science but also the art of place. The arts in all their forms can help to give a more complete picture of the places that inspire us.”

The four exhibitions can be found in the following venues:

The exhibitions will be displayed at the above locations from 23 September 2016 until March 2017.Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Centenary

Arts in Parks is a joint initiative between Arts Tasmania and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and is part of the 2016 Centenary of Tasmanian Parks celebrations, it was curated by Alice (Alby) Holder.