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Christl Berg


Residency location Maria Island, 1999

Artist statement

My three works have been produced over a long period of time following on from my 1999 residency on Maria Island to 2016. While my tools have changed, the impetus for working, responding to occurrences and experiences in the world I inhabit, has continued. The photogram, which was made in the Chapel on Maria Island, shows traces of objects found on the island. Subsequent drawings have been overlaid, relating to memories of other places. Mark makings I have applied in Walking on air and Cycles in a square refer to observed and fictional involvements.

Artist biography

Christl Berg grew up in Germany and arrived, via an extended working holiday in India, in Tasmania in 1983 where she has studied, worked and lived as artist and art educator ever since. Her practice has expanded in the past three years from being centered in photography to include drawing and time based media.

Christl’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and is represented in many public collections. Her participation in various residencies such as the Tasmanian Wilderness Residency has been pivotal for her development as artist.

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