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Cradle Mountain



The Arts in Parks exhibition at Cradle Mountain features an artwork called Immersion III – Moon, Flowers, Buttongrass, Cloudburst. It is a video and sound work that draws directly from its surrounds with artists Lorraine Biggs and Lila Meleisea immersing themselves in the national park over a two year period. Their work captures the big wild spaces and the tiniest natural details and invites viewers to slow down, take time to be still and open up their senses to the park’s sights and sounds.

Cradle Mountain forms the northern end of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park and is a highlight of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The jagged contours of Cradle Mountain epitomise the feel of a wild landscape, while ancient rainforest and alpine heathlands, buttongrass and stands of colourful deciduous beech provide a range of environments to explore. Icy streams cascading out of rugged mountains, stands of ancient pines mirrored in the still waters of glacial lakes and a wealth of wildlife ensure there is always something to captivate the visitor.

Cradle Mountain is accessible from Sheffield and is 1.5 hours from Devonport and 2.5 hours from Launceston.

Field work in the Vale of Belvoir

Lorraine Biggs and Lila Meleisea doing field work in the Vale of Belvoir