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Fiona Fraser


Residency location Maria Island National Park, 2009

Artist statement

Maria Island is a dreamlike and surreal place, like a movie set, a ghost town, where nature thrives in a landscape punctuated with stout buildings, architectural monuments to human intervention and its abandonment. No one lives on Maria anymore.  During the day the island is speckled with visitors, exploring. At night, campers are left in a darkened landscape, seeking warmth and security in the penitentiary.

These images marry the 24 hour cycle of daytime and night on the Island, juxtaposing and blending the dual visions of natural beauty in the sunshine, with empty buildings, stoic in the darkness.

Artist biography

Born in northern NSW, Fiona Fraser was awarded her Bachelor and Honours degrees in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art and in 2009 graduated from the Master of Art, Design and Environment at the Tasmanian School of Art.

Fiona’s practice incorporates photography, printmaking, installation, artist books and performance, and explores the relationship between humans and their built and natural environments. Her work has been exhibited and collected across Australia.

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