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Lake St Clair



The Arts in Parks exhibition at the Lake St Clair Visitors Centre features a variety of artwork that has been inspired by the exhibiting artists’ residency experiences.

The painting Disappearing Voices: Fifteenth Elegy by Susan Pickering is a direct result of her Lake St Clair residencies in both 2004 and 2012. Richard Wastell’s residency at Lake St Clair’s has inspired him to keep returning to the area to create. His work in this exhibition is from Skullbone Plains an area of land neighbouring the park.

Sara Maher’s delicate artworks have developed over time and are created in response to the memories of her residency experience. Jenny Burnett’s artworks are part of the Lake St Clair collection which provides an ongoing legacy for both the artist and the visitors to Lake St Clair.

Sound artist, Karlin Love also has work in the exhibition based on her residency experience at Eddystone Point Lighthouse. The residency experience inspired her to create works based on wilderness locations and she has recently recorded a piece based on the Labryinth at Lake St Clair.

Lake St Clair is at the southern end of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park and is Australia’s deepest in-land lake and a walkers’ paradise. There are leisurely lakeside strolls and longer forest walks. Visitors in late spring and summer can witness a brilliant display of wildflowers including waratahs, orchids, banksias, hakeas and leatherwoods.

Lake St Clair is 2.5 hours north west of Hobart and a similar distance from Launceston via Longford and Poatina.

Artwork gallery: