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Peter Maarseveen


Residency location: Maatsuyker Island, 2013/14

Artist statement

During the summer of 2013/2014 I spent three months on Maatsuyker Island. Whilst on the island I built a replica of the Maatsuyker Island Lighthouse using the waste packaging from the food consumed during the three months. This I turned in to a 360-degree pinhole camera and the image Haulage Way was taken with this camera.

The Southwest Ranges Ring is based on the view of the southwest ranges from the house on the Island where we stayed.

Maatsuyker Island is a breeding ground to around 800,000 Shearwater (Mutton bird) the two brooches are a reminder of the daily view of the shearwater coming home each evening.

Artist biography

Peter Maarseveen is a Hobart based photographer and jeweller. His main artistic practice is creating functioning sculptural pinhole cameras out of recycled materials.

Peter graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art in 2011 majoring in Photography and Sculpture, going on to study jewellery in Hobart in 2014. He has done a number of residencies including one in North Carolina and on Maatsuyker Island. He has recently been focusing on sculptural works in recycled metals.

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