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Serena Rosevear


Residency location Maria Island, 2016

Artist statement

This place.  I’ve learnt to read it. I’ve traced the steps of those before me, touched the surfaces they created, devoured their words, burnt their saplings. I’ve reinterpreted the interpretation, hunted out evidence that spoke more truthfully to me, become distracted by traces that speak of small stories at the periphery of official history. I’ve found kindred spirits in those long gone: masters of make-do. And so, with not much more than my hands and the resources of the island, I toil away at repetitive labour seeking to pay homage; to their ingenuity, their resilience, their presence.

Artist biography

Serena Rosevear is an emerging visual artist whose practice spans from functional ceramics to site responsive installations, where she seeks out traces left by human activity.  She is interested in how the passage of time reveals a response by nature and other humans.  She draws her materials from what is abundantly available on site, which has often been paper but is more often becoming native clay.  Her work is sometimes intentionally ephemeral and she has an emerging interest in rudimentary firing methods allowing her to fire her work at the site from which the clay was gathered.

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