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Sue Lovegrove


Residency location Maatsuyker Island, 2007

Artist statement

In 2007, I spent 45 days on Maatsuyker Island, a rugged, remote and inaccessible island off the south west coast of Tasmania. The southern part of the island where the lighthouse is, looks south past the Needles, a dramatic rocky outcrop in the ocean, out towards Mewstone and beyond to Antarctica. Everyday the weather blew past with such alarming speed, sometimes, dark stormy clouds flew past and then only a few hours later it would be still and calm. The horizon would disappear under thick white fog, then reappear late in the afternoon bathed in silver light. Every morning and afternoon I painted cloud studies documenting this transient theatre of light in the sea and sky.

Artist biography

Sue’s artwork for the past 15 years has explored the landscape of Tasmania and it’s off shore islands and oceans through sensory perceptions of place.

She is interested in the aesthetics of the wind and weather and how it shapes our experience of place and imprints on our imaginations. Her research has taken her to Antarctica and Macquarie Island (an Australian Antarctic Division Arts Fellowship), Maatsuyker Island (Arts Tasmania Wilderness Residency) and self initiated residencies on Tasman Island and Maria Island.

Sue’s paintings are in many national collections including the National Gallery of Australia and Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

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