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Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

Come and play with our history


The large, rich, red brick mine buildings form part of a cultural heritage site that coalesces a historical and a modern past. Archaeologically speaking, this unique site has uncovered a wealth of very large industrial objects spanning over 100 years that were retrieved from depths of up to 1.8km beneath the earth.

Feeling nostalgic? It’s not only mining objects that you will find here – from surgical beds to clockwork mice, the Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre houses a museum of intriguing artefacts all presented in a multi-sensory manner that lets you not only see, but allows you to touch and play with many historic objects.

The 2006 mine rescue is represented in a very special and poignant exhibition along with the famous mine yard which remains as it was when workers walked off the job for the very last time in 2012.

The combination of beautiful and unique objects and the vibrancy of the site with its myriad of textures and colours make the Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre a photographer’s delight. The industrial mine site, its mine shafts, concrete and steel beams, is contrasted by not only the surrounding soft rural landscape but also the native garden paradise growing within.

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Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

1 West Street, Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia

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