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Channel Museum

Preserving the cultural heritage of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel


The Channel Museum promotes the culture and heritage of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel towns of Margate, Snug, Kettering, Woodbridge, Middleton and Gordon and settlements in the immediate hinterland. The pioneers of this area were the whaler, the timber cutter, the shingle splitter, the bullock driver, the pit sawyer, the early sailing ship and river craft men. Later came the road builders, farmers, orchardists and the scallop and cray fishermen and the migrants.

Permanent exhibitions at the museum show life before there was electricity along with stories of the timber industry, the boat building and fishing industry, the fruit growing industry and the Electrona Carbide works. There are displays that record the Channel’s involvement in the two World Wars, that remember the 1967 Black Tuesday bush fire and that celebrate the Channel’s sporting, school, migrant and church history.

The Channel Museum is also home to the Don Norton Camera Museum, a museum within a museum with an astonishing collection of over 600 cameras plus photographic accessories; a research library where visitors can peruse the collection of local information and family histories; and a café and shop that sells books and locally crafted products that reflect the history and culture of this southern part of Tasmania. A small gallery hosts art and craft exhibitions by locals; these change monthly.

Guided tours can be arranged for schools and other groups for a small fee per head – please enquire.

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Channel Museum

1755 Channel Highway, Margate, Tasmania, Australia

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