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Tasmanian Fast Ferry Museum

A maritime lover's must see


The Tasmanian Fast Ferry Museum incorporates the rich history of the innovative high speed ferry revolution, started by Hobart born Robert Clifford, showcasing the history and memorabilia of one of Tasmania’s most successful businesses.

Located just inside one of the massive Incat work halls, the museum provides visitors with the unique opportunity to view a working ship-yard from a viewing platform as they walk past larger exhibits on their way to the museum proper. The museum offers guided group visits, with a talk from an Incat executive, or equivalent, tailored to the interests of the group. A schools’ program is being designed to complement the current school curriculum.

The collection consists of various maritime objects, literature, photos and video presentations, some dating back to the beginning of the fast ferry industry, and some relatively new – the antiques and history of tomorrow. We are constantly adding to our collection with each new ship built.

The fast ferry industry has employed thousands of locals over the years and is on the cutting edge of ship-building innovation and environmentally friendly vessel construction. With over 80 vessels in 25 countries worldwide, Incat’s Fast Ferry Revolution is significant. With multiple “firsts”, awards and accolades, Incat has been at the forefront of fast ferry technology, and continues to break new ground with every new ship built.

The museum has its own unique contribution to make to the Tasmanian tourist trail, demonstrating just how revolutionary the fast ferry industry has been. Tasmania has been traditionally known for apples and devils. Fast ferries have now been added to that list.

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Tasmanian Fast Ferry Museum

Tasmanian Fast Ferry Museum Inc, Derwent Park, Tasmania, Australia

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