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Aden Narkowicz and Elizabeth Barnett – Alleuere


Alluere, created by artists Aden Narkowicz and Elizabeth Barnett, was proudly commissioned by The Department of Treasury and Finance through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme. It is a kinetic light work and  utilises the catenary lighting structure designed by Circa Architects in the forecourt of the Princes Wharf in Hobart.

Alluere meaning ‘to wash against’ mimics its surroundings, taking on characteristics of its environs and other life forms, adapting its behaviour to that around it.  Keenly observing, it engages passers-by in a dialogue of movement, light and sound.  What results is a conversation between the viewer and the sculpture as each is influenced by the others actions.  These interactions help form an ongoing non-linear narrative.  The work seeks to embody its immediate and surrounding environment while encouraging the public to engage in a dialogue with the site’s future.

The work is enacted by custom software that uses algorithms in conjunction with video, sound and still images.  Sourced imagery from and around the site is combined with information from live sensors that affect the light sequences.  Drawing on colours from photographic imagery, the palette of Alluere is defined by shifting hues found in the river system and harbour including sunsets and phosphorescent red algae.  An ongoing sound installation compliments the behaviour and sequencing of the lights.  Barely audible whispers of spoken word narratives exploring the history of the area are used in conjunction with marine and maritime field recordings.

A recurring motif in Alluere, the tide, mirrors the to and fro of the public passing through the space.  The ever changing nature of the work caters for these chance encounters in the hope that it will remain engaging and relevant throughout its lifespan.




Artist statement – Aden Narkowicz

From an early age I have been fascinated and inspired by mathematics, photography and animation. The marriage of these interests naturally led to the field of new media, and developed into a passion for human-computer interaction.

It is the field of new media where the realms of programming logic, aesthetic beauty and interaction combine into often non-linear narrative forms. I am inspired by this mating of technology and art, that brings with it new opportunities for artistic expression, while adding depth of meaning to our ever growing relationship with technology.

Artist statement – Elizabeth Barnett

Narrative plays a central role in my work, with particular emphasis on the artist’s role as documenter, cartographer and storyteller. Journeys provide one of societies most visually rich sources of narrative. I am interested in the act of making  a journey, both the personal journey and those that are significant historically. I seek to make a connection between narratives about travel and how they have been depicted by artists throughout history. Furthermore, I am interested in the link between the way journeys are documented in history and how this impacts on the way we live in the present day.

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Aden Narkowicz and Elizabeth Barnett – Alleuere

Princes Wharf No. 1, Castray Esplanade, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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