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Tim Whiteley – Jordan River Child and Family Centre

A striking sculpture that has as its basis the notion of the family tree


The sculpture visually represents and acknowledges the pivotal role that the LINC and the associated Child and Family Centre play in the local Bridgewater community. The sculpture has at its basis the notion of the ‘family tree’ and expands upon that idea to include the wider local community. The tree is emblematic in many cultures of life, family, growth, knowledge and renewal.

We look to family and friends for support, guidance, education and help. This is represented by the figures forming the ‘bark’ of the tree, the older and stronger at the base, close to the roots, helping and supporting progressively younger members as well as each other, collectively. Thus forming the many tiered layers of a communal society.

The aluminium podlike forms scattered under the tree represent the emergence of the next generation. They also provide a convenient and informal place for young and old to sit and play in the dappled shade of the sculpture and surrounding bush tucker garden.

The choice of Corten steel for the trunk, in its natural oxidised state reflects a connection with the earth and the ochres used by traditional peoples. The use of brushed stainless steel for the leaves reflects new growth and a link to the future. The laser-cut pattern of the leaves act to filter the extremes of weather. When seen in silhouette the pattern suggests the night sky and beyond a larger universe.

This work is part of the Tasmanian government’s public art collection commissioned through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme.


Tim Whiteley is a sculptor working from his studio in the forests of Golden Valley near Deloraine. Having trained in both the graphic arts and automotive engineering, Tim has worked in a variety of disciplines from building racing cars and restoring vintage cars to being a professional digital artist. He made a lateral shift in 2000 moving from Sydney to Tasmania to pursue a career in Fine Art. Rather than ignoring his diversified past he now draws on those experiences, blending and morphing them to inform his unique brand of sculpture.

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Tim Whiteley – Jordan River Child and Family Centre

21 Cheswick Crescent, Bridgewater, Tasmania, Australia

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