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Futago – Rose Bay High School

Bringing the inside outside


This artwork was developed to bring the dynamic activity of the new building – students evolving and performing works of dance and drama – onto the external facade. A series of figures, formed for different thickness and length of vertical ‘line’ appear to leap, stretch and dance across the facades. As each of these ‘lines’ is formed from a paint finished, powder coated angle, the sense of movement is taken into three dimensions as each projection creates a constantly changing shadow. Through scale and spot lighting, the work is visible throughout the day and into the night, acting as a abstract indicator of the teaching and learning activities of Rose Bay High School.

This work is part of the Tasmanian government’s public art collection commissioned through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme.


Futago is a design studio based in Hobart, Tasmania. Their team of seven has expertise in many areas including public art, graphic design, cultural interpretation, lighting design, fine art and project management. These skills, combined with their commitment to collaborative work with independent artists and writers, allows them to realise engaging and powerful ideas in public art and environmental design. Their work has been awarded both nationally and internationally.

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Futago – Rose Bay High School

Kaoota Road, Rose Bay, Tasmania, Australia

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