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Josh Foley – Taroona High School


Tasmanian artist Josh Foley completed the International Orange mural on the walls of Taroona High School in 2015. The school is located on the banks of the Derwent River  with the theme of the mural inspired by the river – liquid – movement – fluidity – change – reflection.

From the artist statement:

“… the work is also talking about viscosity and materiality more generally and to capture the appearance, not necessarily of water but of paint, thick paint being manipulated to appear like water – this plays with materiality and perception and talks about how certain substances share certain traits but diverge in other ways.

Two colours – white to represent foam and an aqua blue colour have been chose as they are reminiscent of the water of the Derwent in front of the school. This also suggests that there is some kind of osmosis is at play, and the building is taking on characteristics of the natural environment it is placed within.

The composition of the piece wraps around the building to mimic a rhythmic flow of “waves” and is meant to frame and highlight the particular architecture of the building especially the curved wall and windows and allows the forms to flow without the hard edge of a corner to interrupt this visual flow.” Josh Foley, 2015.

This artwork was commissioned through the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme.

Underground Oil. acrylic on linen
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Josh Foley – Taroona High School

Taroona High School, Taroona, Tasmania, Australia

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