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The People’s Park

by Stephenie Cahalan

Shortlisted for The University of Tasmania Prize

About the author

Stephenie Cahalan

Stephenie Cahalan is a Tasmanian writer and researcher whose work has appeared in Art Monthly AustralasiaIsland and Ten Days on the Island. Her book Colour and Movement: The Life of Claudio Alcorso on the Italian-Tasmanian entrepreneur, arts patron and founder of Moorilla Estate was published in 2019.


The People’s Park is a gathering of stories from the Queen’s Domain, as seen through news coverage over two centuries. The Queen’s Domain is parkland close to the city centre of Hobart, Tasmania. Like parks in urban settings across the world, it offers ready access to nature that keeps human-induced pressures at bay. It is also the scene of crimes and misdemeanours, troubles and triumphs. These stories offer snapshots of the love for a city park, distinctive for the gentleness and proximity of its nature.