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Town Crossings – Launceston

experimental, interactive art project with Frisbee!


Town Crossings is an ongoing experimental mapping project that invites participants (players) to take a Frisbee and make a journey. Players are encouraged to warm up at the Frisbee golf course marked out in Prince’s Square and to then take a Frisbee on a meandering adventure around Launceston.

Players are invited to return to Prince’s Square during the Festival and mark your route on a large-scale map of the town. Each player will also be asked to photographically capture their Frisbee adventure and report back his or her incidental conversations and playful exchanges (invoked by throwing a passer-by a Frisbee).

The collected stories, interactions, strategies of play and photographic images (amassed from these and over 70 other Frisbee journeys made in Australia and internationally since 2015), will become part of an evolving poetic narrative presented by Paul over two evenings in the Prince’s Palace.

A GPS tracker will be handed to each player to digitally record their journey and screened at the Dome.

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Town Crossings – Launceston

Prince's Square, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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