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Kitty Flanagan – Hobart


In this brand new show Kitty opens up and talks about her feelings. Seriously? No. This is standup comedy, there’s no room for navel gazing, just funny stories, a multitude of voices and hard laughs.

Here’s what you get: The inside scoop on dating gravediggers, cops and Cubans. Advice on how to keep a straight face when doctors use “proper” words like anus and areola. Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people love salt and why newsreaders should move over and let Kitty Flanagan read the nightly news.

You also get Kitty’s fabulous musical sister, 90’s folk popstar Penny Flanagan, joining her on stage to belt out a new comedy anthem or two. And as an extra special bonus gift, Kitty will teach you all how to talk like an old person. Seriously. It’s fun AND learning.

“…layer upon layer of magic, making this show a joyful, sidesplitting wonder”


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Kitty Flanagan – Hobart

Theatre Royal
29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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