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A Complex Beauty by Lauren Black

Lauren Black's latest exhibition is a stunning, delicate artistic engagement with human anatomical specimens.


A Complex Beauty explores the complexities of disease, dissection, the unknown body and anatomical theatre.

The exhibition is the outcome of an arts residency that Lauren undertook at the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology at The University of Melbourne, with its fascinating collection of over 12,000 human specimens.

In the exhibition Lauren Black lifts the skin to reveal an intimate, internal world that is rarely seen outside of the museum or medical practice. In her hands the dissected specimens transform into vibrant and engaging material with a human past and a ghostly afterlife.

The fine detail and artful skill of her beautiful artworks draw heavily on history and identity. They invite slow and reflective looking and are anatomically insightful in the way that they explore the fine line between life, death and identity.

Lauren’s work is exhibited with 2 anatomical drawings by Edward Swarbreck Hall and an early illustrated volume on dissection by Alexander MacLise. This is the first time that these items have been on display.

A Complex Beauty exhibition was first exhibited at The Art Gallery of Ballarat in 2017.

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A Complex Beauty by Lauren Black

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts
91 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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