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Backscatter – The Voyage of the Investigator

An unlikely bunch joins a scientific voyage to cast a new perspective on transforming nature into knowledge.


In early 2016, the research vessel Investigator sailed into some of the world’s most remote and uncharted regions to investigate the role of iron in the food web and in generating the oxygen we breathe.

Joining the voyage were a photographer, a petrologist, a science photographer, a visual artist and a choreographer. With Heard and McDonald Islands in the Southern Ocean as their backdrop, they produced works exploring image and movement as modes of information gathering, documentation, sharing knowledge and communication.

Taken from multiple perspectives – science, art and the media – this exhibition reflects a shared experience of sea, sky, land, ice, vessel, body and space.

Curator: Joanna Gair
Artists: Richard Arculus, Pete Harmsen, Annalise Rees, Charles Tambiah and James Batchelor

Presented by the University of Tasmania

Supported by IMAS and CSIRO

Image: James Batchelor improvising on deck, RV Investigator, January 2016. Courtesy of Charles Tambiah

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Backscatter – The Voyage of the Investigator

Makers’ Workshop
2 Bass Highway, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

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