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A decolonial geographic

Adding the human footprint to the Australian landscape.


Ideas of the pastoral and natural Australian landscape are commonly depicted as postcard perfect –sublime and transcendent – and emptied of human beings.

A decolonial geographic, curated by acclaimed artist Fernando do Campo, recalibrates this idealised and romantic view of what landscape signifies and how it should be portrayed.

The exhibition brings together the work of eleven Australian artists who engage with pictorial, material and philosophical questions that rethink misleading representations of our landscape. Their work is not commonly within the landscape genre, but it comments on being in the landscape and on the implications of our presence on the planet – introducing a new lexicon for the genre of landscape where the colonial lens has prevailed.

Curator: Fernando do Campo
Artists: Richard Bell, Jon Cattapan, Juan Davila, Kerry Gregan, Raafat Ishak, Penny Mason, Alex Pittendrigh, Jessica Rankin, Judy Watson, Megan Walch and Ruth Waller

Presented by Devonport Regional Art Gallery

Image: © Juan Davila, Ohhhhhh!, 2014, oil on canvas.
Courtesy of Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art.

Image of Megan Walch's painting "The Rough Guide: Glossary"
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Megan Walch

Visual artists

developing a theory of plasticity in relation to her painting.

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A decolonial geographic

Devonport Regional Gallery
145-151 Rooke St, Devonport TAS 7310, Australia

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