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A Different Light- digital photography by Dennis Crawford


Dennis was born in Melbourne in 1948 and, with his wife and son, moved to Hobart, Tasmania in 1993.

Dennis’s father was an electrical mechanic and this possibly influenced him to the extent that he became a professional electrical engineer. For 35 years Dennis worked in the power industry in both Victoria and Tasmania doing technical engineering sort of stuff… no hint of anything arty going on. After retiring he became a volunteer mathematics tutor with TAFE, tutoring students on a one-to-one basis and also started to do framing and mat boarding for his wife, Viv, who is a talented watercolourist and a member of the Marine Artists Association of Australia.

Since he was a child, Dennis has been interested in photography- with his brother he used to make his own cameras. They would make pinhole cameras and also cameras to attach to their microscopes to take photomicrographs. In their teen years they did their own film processing and built their own enlarger, enjoying it as the latent image became visible in the developer tray.

When digital cameras came on the market the mesh of photography and computers was an inspiration for Dennis and he began experimenting with some ink pen photo filter effects. Quoll Gallery stocked these images and Dennis subsequently became a member.

In February 2015 with his wife Vivienne, he held a joint exhibition, “Viv Colours Den Black”, in the Studio Gallery of the Salamanca Arts Centre. The exhibition featured watercolor paintings by Vivienne and black and white ink pen photography by Dennis. This exhibition at Inka Gallery will feature not only his established technique in black and white ink pen effect photography but also more recent explorations into altering lighting effects within the photos.


Dennis has always been interested in photography and spent much of his time during his teenage years in the darkroom processing his own film.

Now retired from his career as a professional electrical engineer, Dennis has returned to photography. The modern capabilities of computers have allowed him to apply digital techniques to his photographs and he currently tends to focus on black and white ‘ink pen effect’ photography.

Dennis was a member of Quoll Artists’ gallery for three years and is currently president and public officer of Artefacts Inc. gallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre.

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A Different Light- digital photography by Dennis Crawford

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Shop 16, Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart

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