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A Fulcrum of Infinities

Graham Lang | 31 August – 25 September 2016


“A Fulcrum of Infinities owes much to raw impulse, not in defiance of any academic trends but simply because art tends to lead me rather than me it. More often than not a painting is started with an idea only to see the paint steer me to those far more interesting revelations where memory, intuition and technique randomly collide. I therefore hope this exhibition can be enjoyed in the relatively unharnessed way it was created. Never far from mind when I work is the Surrealist idea of ‘the marvellous’ whereby sudden and seemingly coincidental accidents or juxtapositions can activate powerful new associations. Or, as Louis Aragon put it, ‘The marvellous is the eruption of contradiction within the real.’ Strange appositions frequent this collection, most starkly in the first of two dominant themes where animal surrogates evoke human narratives or suggest the bewildering complexity of opposites that constitute self.

The title of this exhibition alludes to a perplexing conundrum: that there exists in every living thing an internal physical infinity as endless as that existing externally. This idea grew some years ago after a near-fatal illness and seems to have been the underlying force behind a second theme that attempts (particularly in the Lazarus works and the landscapes) to evoke the precarious limbo between existence and extinction. It’s also a good way of saying that with art the possibilities are endless.” Graham Lang, July 2016

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A Fulcrum of Infinities | Opening Wednesday 31 August

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#12 male figure- bird
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Graham Lang

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A Fulcrum of Infinities

Despard Gallery
15 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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