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And The People Will Come

An exhibition by Judy Jackson


‘And The People Will Come’ is inspired by the story of Kate and Gustav Weindorfer and their love of the Cradle Mountain landscape.

Two people of great significance in Cradle Mountain’s history, Kate and Gustav’s vision was to share the beauty of this unique landscape with others, a vision that proved pivotal to its protection as a National Park. Their life story, along with Judy’s own connection with the region, has inspired this body of work that explores historical themes, love, nature and the wilderness in a series of acrylic and oil based paintings. Bold, passionate and colourful with layers of thick paint in palette knife, typical of Judy’s style, these large sensual paintings depict baths and stoves within the distinctive landscape of Cradle Mountain – a narrative that speaks to Waldheim, the chalet that Gustav hand-built for his beloved Kate complete with cast iron bath that he carried in through the untracked bush land.

Image: Judy Jackson, 2018, ‘Bathing Kate Waldheim’, Oil on Canvas, 910cm x 22ocm (detail)


Judy Jackson is a contemporary artist who has nurtured her vibrant and dynamic painting style for over 30 years. Persistence, humor, art, community, family, and friendships are important elements in Judy’s life that inspire her artwork. Born in Sydney’s leafy harbour-side suburb of Rose Bay, Judy was inspired by the water, colour, light and cityscapes from an early age. Capturing this surrounding beauty on canvas became a lifetime pursuit. She first honed her artistic style in California (USA) where she completed a Diploma of Art at Fullerton College. Judy returned to Australia to gain a further two qualifications at UNSW – a Bachelor of Arts/Education from the City Art Institute of NSW and a MA in Art, Painting & Drawing from the College of Fine Art. Judy pursued a career as a visual arts teacher in secondary schools across NSW while also establishing herself as an exhibiting artist in Sydney. It is her love of water, nature and landscapes (and family!) that drew her to Tasmania where she did a tree change from Sydney in 2015 and settled in the Huon Valley.  Judy’s latest Cradle Mountain landscape series is bold, passionate and colourful with layers of thick paint in palette knife, typical of Judy’s artistic style.  This thought-provoking body of work has influences of Ben Quilty’s use of paint, Brett Whiteley’s use of colour, as well as John Landis’s way of telling Tasmanian stories.


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And The People Will Come

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery
3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

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