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Beneath the Waterline

A thoughtful response to the untold stories of women and the sea.


The north west coast of Tasmania has a proud maritime history. Before roads were constructed, access to the settlements along the coast was by water. It was the sea that brought local communities together and the sea that connected them to the world.

Amid the wind and waves, behind the portholes, in the steam and beneath the surface of oceans, maritime stories abound. But the place of women in them is almost absent.

Beneath the Waterline is Anne Morrison’s response to the Bass Strait Maritime Centre’s collection of objects and their associated narratives. The title reflects the invisible submarine presence of icebergs. It also acknowledges women’s experiences as convicts and immigrants forced to live below the waterline on their long sea voyage to the Antipodes.

Artist: Anne Morrison

Presented by Bass Strait Maritime Centre in association with Ten Days on the Island

Image: Bass Strait, 2016, digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.

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Anne Morrison

Visual artists

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Beneath the Waterline

Bass Strait Maritime Centre
6 Gloucester Avenue, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

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